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Melbourne Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

There’s a lot to remember when it comes to swimming pool upkeep. From keeping it chemically balanced to making sure it’s free of debris, take the stress away with professional pool cleaning services in Melbourne. 

Leave the swimming pool upkeep to us. We’ll leave the enjoyment to you.

Homeowners, spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it.

If you manage a commercial establishment, be confident your pool meets all regulations and is fit for use year-round.

Our pool cleaning service makes it happen. We provide ongoing pool maintenance in Melbourne to suit your schedule, pool size/type and budget. 

Regular pool maintenance and cleaning doesn’t just keep your pool looking fresh. It’s also important to extend its lifespan, giving your investment the care it deserves so you never fall out of love with your swimming pool.

When compliance is a headache and DIY cleaning is a time-suck, leave the swimming pool upkeep to Flowgistics. 

Plumbing Installations

Filtration Systems

Chemical Dosages

Media Replacements

Heater Installations

Pump Overhauls

Leak Detection

Underwater Tiling

Green Water Recovery

Chemical & Equipment Sales

A one-stop, pool servicing shop

Whether your pool is looking green or cloudy, the water flow isn’t right or you just want to make sure it’s fit for use, Flowgistics makes sure every last drop is clean and safe. 

Our Melbourne pool cleaning services include:

  • Water testing
  • Chemical balancing
  • Clearing out skimmer & pump baskets
  • Inspecting equipment for leaks
  • Backwash & rinse filter
  • Scooping out debris
  • Surface cleaning
  • Checking & maintaining pool cleaner
  • Cartridge filter cleaning
  • Brushing & vacuuming pool surface & tile line
  • Cleaning the equipment area

How Flowgistics keeps your pool sparkling

Flowgistics is a one-stop shop for swimming pool cleaning in Melbourne. Our trade-qualified technicians take care of everything – from periodic cleaning to the servicing of your pipes, fittings and water systems.

From small home pool servicing to large commercial maintenance jobs, our team does it all. 

Thanks to our tailor-made programs and commitment to servicing pools in Melbourne that can be enjoyed through every season, you can get the absolute most out of your swimming pool.

Freshen up your pool

Talk to our team of experts for more information about Melbourne pool maintenance. Leave us a message online or give us a call today.