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Residential Pool Services

Many people spend far more time maintaining their pool or spa than enjoying them.

Navigating the complexities to keep your pool in pristine condition can be a minefield. Residential pool maintenance involves keeping your filtration systems in order, getting the chemical dosages right, endless part replacements, and the list goes on…

But what if you could make use of residential pool services and tick a huge, time-consuming job off your list?

Leave the pool maintenance to our trade-qualified technicians, who’ll keep your pool in tip-top shape on a regular basis, so that you can simply have moments of bliss.

We’ll work on the water, so you can spend more time in the water.

Residential swimming pool maintenance: What’s involved?

Plumbing Installations

Filtration Systems

Chemical Dosages

Media Replacements

Heater Installations

Pump Overhauls

Leak Detection

Underwater Tiling

Green Water Recovery

Chemical & Equipment Sales

Ongoing residential pool cleaning services

Regular pool inspections and cleaning extend the lifespan of your pool. The auto-pilot way to ensure your home pool is always ready for a dip, our residential swimming pool maintenance covers all corners.

We make pool maintenance effortless, protecting your investment and keeping your pool in pristine condition all year round. Say goodbye to bacteria, algae, unbalanced pH levels and potentially costly repairs. 

We also provide commercial pool maintenance to hotels, body corporates, aquatic centres and other organisations.

On-demand residential pool repairs

If something has gone horribly wrong, or something about your pool just isn’t quite right, we provide repairs for residential pools and equipment.

The technicians at Flowgistics have the skills and tools to diagnose and repair faulty pools. So, before you splash out on new equipment, call us for an inspection.

Keep your pool clean, safe and sparkling

Chat with our team of experts at Flowgistics about residential swimming pool maintenance. We cover most of Melbourne and can plan maintenance around your schedule.